Final League Table 2015/16

Fixtures and Results ( Aces Scores First)
2015/2016 Season

Pre- Season Friendlies
8th Aug             Black Bears                         (H)       20-2
15th Aug           Solway Sharks                  (H)       6-1
19th Sept          Deeside Dragons            (A)       1-9
26th Sept          Coventry Blaze                 (A)       6-1
27th Sept          Blackburn Eagles             (H)       2-3
4th Oct              Nottingham Lions             (A)       3-6
11th Oct            Bradford Bulldogs           (H)       7-2
18th Oct            Hull Jets                                (H)       8-5
25th Oct           Deeside Dragons              (H)       4-6
1st Nov             Coventry Blaze                   (H)       5-4
15th Nov           Widnes Wild                       (A)       5-8
21st Nov           Bradford Bulldogs            (A)       7-2
22nd Nov         Nottingham Lions             (H)       5-1
29th Nov          Widnes Wild                        (H)      4-4
13th Dec          Widnes Wild                        (H)       2-5
20th Dec          Blackburn Eagles               (A)       5-8      
3rd Jan            Deeside Dragons                (H)      1-8    
10th Jan           Widnes Wild                         (A)      1-9
16th Jan           Deeside Dragons               (A)      0-8 
24th Jan          Nottingham Lions               (A)       2-1      
31st Jan           Hull Jets                                  (H)       5-3
7th Feb             Hull Jets                                  (A)       5-4 
14th Feb           Nottingham Lions             (H)       1-2
21st Feb           Blackburn Eagles               (H)      9-5
27th Feb           Coventry Blaze                   (A)      4-6
28th Feb           Coventry Blaze                  (H)      6-2
6th Mar            Hull Jets                                  (A)      2-3
19th Mar          Bradford Bulldogs            (A)      11-8
20th Mar          Bradford Bulldogs            (H)     8-3
27th Mar          Blackburn Eagles               (A)     1-13
Altrincham home games face off at 5:30pm unless advertised differently   

​2016-17 Season

Pre Season Friendlies
Aces Scores first

27th August             Widnes Wild                                             H   3-6    
28th August             Widnes Wild                                             A    1-4         MVP  Joel Cope

Laidler Conference
10th September      Hull Jets                                                      A   5-3
11th  September      Nottingham Lions                                 H   4-2       MVP  Cade King
17th September      Blackburn Eagles                                   H   4-7
18th September      Blackburn Eagles                                   A    1-6        MVP Andy Dunn
25th September      Sheffield Senators                                H     7-5       MVP Brian Worrall
2nd October              Nottingham Lions                                 A     4-6       MVP Joe Greaves
8th October               Coventry Blaze                                      A     9-3        MVP Jordan Holland
22nd October           Nottingham Lions                                 H    4-4        MVP Mikey Gilbert
29th October            Bradford Bulldogs                                A     3-5
30th October            Blackburn Eagles                                  H     2-5        MVP Andy Dunn
6th November          Coventry Blaze                                      H     8-0       MVP Jorge El-Hage
13th November       Widnes Wild                                            H     3-3       MVP John Murray
20th November       Widnes Wild                                            A      2-4       MVP Corey Lee
27th November       Bradford Bulldogs                                H      6-3       MVP Joe Greaves
4th December          Sheffield Senators                                H      3-3      MVP Declan Ryan
11th December       Coventry Blaze                                       A      5-1      MVP Andy Dunn
8th January                Hull Jets                                                     H      6-2      MVP Declan Ryan                                           
14th January             Widnes Wild                                            H      6-3      MVP John Murray
21st January              Bradford Bulldogs                                A      6-3
29th January             Sheffield Senators                                A       3-7
5th February             Nottingham Lions                                 A       4-0      MVP Declan Ryan
12th February          Bradford Bulldogs                                H       4-3      MVP Adam Cherry
18th February          Hull Jets                                                     H       4-5      MVP John Murray
12th March                Sheffield  Senators                               A        4-3
18th March                Blackburn Eagles                                   A       3-2       MVP Jorge El-Hage
19th March                Widnes Wild                                            A        5-7       MVP Jake Nurse
25th March                Coventry Blaze                                      H        6-2       MVP Tom Gilbert
Not Played                 Hull Jets                                                    A         5-0       Match awarded to the Aces by the League with a 5-0 score line.
8th April                       Widnes Wild                                           N        0-2        MVP Declan Ryan          Play Off Weekend - Sheffield