ROSTER 2017/18

                                               Tom Gilbert
Age:                                                  26 (23/03/1990)
Position:                                        Forward
Previous Clubs:                         Lancashire Raptors
Favourite Hockey Player:    Logan Couture
Best Rink Played at:               Newcastle Arena Newcastle Arena
At what age Did you start to play Ice Hockey? 17 years old
Favourite Hockey Memory:  When I was on a line with Robyn Crebbin and Ben Brown against Coventry a few years ago and Robyn ran their keeper, you can imagine the rest.
Any Superstitions before a match: I always have a black coffee, no real superstitions.
Nickname at the club: I have few 🙈

Tom's Own and Loan Shirts  for season 2017/18 are loaned by:
Home:          Stuart Latham
Away:           Erica and Richard Griffiths
Warm Up:  Stuart Latham
                                                    Joe Greaves

Age:                                                    24     
Position:                                           LW
Previous Clubs:                            Manchester Phoenix, Trafford Metros,  
Favourite Hockey Player:       Joe Sakic    
Best Rink Played at:                    Newcastle Arena 
At what age Did you start to play Ice Hockey?            11
Favourite Hockey Memory:     Any game we beat the Hawks or playing for the Storm.
Any Superstitions before a match: No
Nickname at the club:                 None that can be repeated          
Aims for the coming season:   To score more goals, assist more goals and stay out of the penalty box!

Joe's Own and Loan Shirts  for season 2017/18 are loaned by:
Home:          Geoffrey Geering
Warm Up:

                                                           Sarah Hutchinson

"I first started watching hockey around 3 years old at the Manchester Arena when the original Manchester Storm played there. My whole family was hooked from there, my brother started playing out of the old Altrincham rink at Devonshire road, and I joined the u10s team there... and that was it. I was terrible for the first few seasons, in fact when my brother stopped playing my parents figured it would only be a matter of time until I stopped too, but for some reason I carried on through u12s and u14s at Bradford. When the new Silver Blades Ice Rink Altrincham opened, I came back to play for the u14s team, it was this season that something just clicked with me and my coach at the time Steve Nurse, who gave me the confidence boost I needed to really progress. I started playing women's hockey in Hull at u16s and continue to play their in the Women's Elite League, as well as playing for the Altrincham Aces this season which is great to back at the club I started playing out of and also a goal I never thought I'd reach!"
"Hockey's one of those sports that no matter what else you have going on, as soon as you step on the ice, and even as you get in the changing rooms with your team mates everything else just gets forgotten about. Every player has the same goal every time they step on the ice and has each other's back. For me that's the most important, it's not just a group of players, it's a unit and everybody works for each other, win or lose."
"I think the best words of encouragement I could give from experience is to always make sure you're having fun out there and learning every time you're on the ice or practicing. Set small goals to achieve over time and don't compare yourself to the best player on the ice, compare yourself to where you were and where that's leading you to. And most of all, keep your head up!"

Sarah's  Own and Loan Shirts  for season 2017/18 are loaned by:
Home:                     Rob and Bev Hutchinson
Warm Up Shirt: